What we believe

Transcending the boundaries by the Art language…That’s our ambition.
Imagine the dazzling sophisticated impression that comes through the fantastic combination of traditional art and contemporary fashion attitude! That’s all we want to display via our creative drive.
To design our collections and designer goods, we always look back to the history and original fine arts, traditional artisan artworks and all inspiring Cultural heritage, which stroking our soul and satisfying our aesthetic tendency.
AFROZAN attempts to get a sophisticated sense to consumers by its authentic and sustainable methods; without compromising the inspirational designer silhouette of the clothes and the exclusivity of the artisanal garments.
We believe that responsible style is the future trend!
Obviously our world would be more beautiful and pleasant if anyone make his/her choices more thoughtfully.





How we work

We made it a priority to collaborate with partners who are certificated by GOTS, OEKO-TEX, FAIR WEAR, GRS, VEGAN, FSC, etc. ; seeking to create a better world by their sustainable approach. Consequently, we offer more responsible designer clothes that you are proud to wear and look sophisticated.

Plus, we provide striking product packaging to respect the customers and the environment. We do this through our in-house fabric packaging, and the eco-friendly recyclable material that we use. So if you’ve bought anything from AFROZAN, you’ve also contributed to reforestation support. The earth is what we all have in common. We can take steps together to protect it more effectively.